Appreciation to All


This page is made to appreciate all the wikians on this wiki. You can write a praise, good comment, or just say a few words about that person. For all you know, you just made another wikian's day. Please add whatever you want under the respective names (these names are in no particular order).


Justin W. Copycat

You are awesomesauce,one of my best friends(and brother) and a great person to talk to. ~Priyanka
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You're really outgoing, curious, and intelligent. You're great to hang out with and you always have interesting ideas. ~Ivy

You're an awesomesauce friend.  You were always there with a hug and kind words when I needed them, even though you did lecture me about sleep a couple time.   ~Kai Graymark~

You told me about this Wiki, and you aren’t afraid to be yourself. I am honored to know such an awesome MBer like you. ~Mistress Michaelis~

You're awesomesauce!!! ~Christine

You are a great friend to all, and you care. I like people who care. ~Kazey

You are really awesome, Justin! You're a great friend and you're really fun to talk to. :D ~Amy

Justin: You're a really awesome friend! We've had each others back through all the wiki mess this summer, and I had a great time talking to you! I think you win the award for creating the most awesome wikis! Thanks for everything! :) ~ eKat

Justin! You're such a great friend! I remember when we first met and we've been great friends ever since! Stay awesome! -Cali

Eh... Once an energetic hopping bunny, always an energetic hopping bunny. -Megan

You're totally awesome and I'm glad to know you. I really hope you won't have to leave forever, and I hope you know how awesome you are! -Ariana

Even though you can [sometimes] get annoying ( :P ), that's who you are, and you're a lot of the reason I was even able to be on this Wiki. Well, since I was on the big 39 Clues one, and then you found me...... XD  And you're almost impossible not to like to be around XP :D .  -Em :)

Justin, you may be gone, but I will miss you forever. You're like the little brother I never had. ~Kathy

Thank you for being my (slightly annoying) little brother, epic Copycat master, and overall, a really great friend. I miss you. --Clairio

Mistress Cheerio


Clair's Avatar

Thanks for being a great friend, a great parabatai, for putting up with all my stupid problems, for just being there to talk to, for helping me through hardships, for all those weird conversations, for everything. *huggles* Melinyel. ~Chu



You are awesome and funny and an amazing friend. ~Priyanka

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You are the most level-headed 11 year old that I have ever met. (That's a compliment). You always seem to know the right thing to say in every situation, and your sense of humour is hilarious. ~Ivy

I can't thank you enough for everything you've ever done.  You've always been willing to help me, and too stubborn to accept my help in return.  I know we may not talk a whole lot now, but I swear it has a reason.  I love you, and nothing in this universe can ever change that.  I love you more than any other human possibly could.  ~Kai Graymark~

You're awesomesauce. I am so happy to know you, and read all your stories, and see you have fun. You're my inspiration oftentimes. ~Mistress Michaelis~

You're awesomesauce. Thanks for reading my Camp Half-Blood story. ~Christine

Kazey! You're really awesome and a great friend. And you're my fellow British MBer/ Wikian/ person. ~Amy

You have always been so supportive, funny and nice. :D -Justin W. Copycat

I am just so awesome. ~Kazey

Kazey: Even though I don't get to talk to you as much as I wish I could, I still love having converations with you! You're really kind and light up the wiki with happiness! :) ~ eKat


P.S. You're an awesome MBer with awesome stories just so you know.

Yay for Kazey! You're definitely awesome and totally cool! I haven't talked to you very much, but you're always so nice to everyone! -Ariana

I still don't know you very well, but I guess I know you better than before Wikia! :P I blame the time difference! XD Anyway, when we ARE on chat at the same time, the conversations are always...interesting XP But a good interesting.  -Em :)

I actually don't know you all that well, Kazey, but I can tell that you're an amazing person. :) ~Kathy

You're awesomesauce, and a great MBer! ~Chai

Even if you're late for my funerals and you kill my inflatable animals, you're an awesome friend and I'm really glad I know you. --Clairio


Aww,thanks so much for the comment about me up there! You are like a big sister to me. You're fun and probably the most like me on all of InternetLand. You are also my best friend. :D -Justin W. Copycat
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You are so passionate about Lego robotics. I can tell you really love them. You have great ideas (this page!!) and you are always super nice to everyone. ~Ivy

I can rant about robitcs and stupid people on the robotics team with you.  You're very stubborn and humble, but I must admit, the TR wouldn't have lasted NEAR as long without your amazing existance.    ~Kai Graymark~

So sorry for getting you and a Lucian friend mixed up. But you are so awesome to hang out with! And, apparently, that was me screaming when you mentioned Sherlock :D I'm known to do that. . . ~Mistress Michaelis~

You're awesomesauce!!! ~Christine

Well, I didn't know you until I came on the Wiki, but I do now, and you're awesome! I enjoy plotting to take over the world with you. :D ~Amy

Pri, I don't honestly know what to say. You're one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Thank you. ~Kazey

YOU ARE ADORABLE. Don't worry, little stalker, I'll take you under my wing. ~Megan

You're totally totally awesome! I'm glad I know you and glad that you're my friend! Thanks for being awesome! -Ariana

We haven't gotten much chance to talk, but you're still awesome ;)  -Em :)  (Gosh, do I really have, like, 15--err, 14? more people to compliment?! I'm going to have to finish this later....... :P )

We need to talk more, girly. I love your presence on the Madrigal Council. You're an awesome person. ~Kathy

Yanka, you're one of the most amazing people I have ever met. That itself is a huge understatement. Thanks for always being there to listen... I hope you know that I'm willing to do the same. I love you, Pri... --Clairio



Nikki's (unchanged) pic

You are kind,funny,a wonderful friend and amazing.


You are really funny and you always manage to make me laugh somehow (and usually I refuse to laugh at all times). You do mention ships a teeny bit too much, but when you do, it's usually in good humour.


You're a super nice person, amazing, awesome, whatever you choose to take.  I know I've said some really really really stupid and mean things in the past, but I know you could never forgive me. ~Kai Graymark~

Well, I’ve never really had the chance to chat with you, but you just seem plain amazing and awesome :) ~Mistress Michaelis~

You're awesomesauce!!!


Don't know you very well, but you're still awesome! ~Amy

Sometimes, I feel like punching you or ripping your head off, but over all you're just plain amazingcurry! ~Kazey

You are so fun and awesomesauce!!! -Justin W. Copycat

I love to talk to you! You always seem so kind! :) ~ eKat


Thanks for being an epic friend! Melinyel. :) --Clairio


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You are an amazing friend,awesomesauce and really fun to talk to. ~Priyanka

Skipping this one... XD ~Ivy

You have really great advice and are an epicsprinkles friend. :D -Justin W. Copycat

You're freaking awesome, don't let anyone tell you differently.  You never thought twice about my age, or muturity, you just said what needed to be said and didn't sugar coat it.  You're always true and honest, and you're there for me when I need it.  Thanks..  ~Kai Graymark~

I am so excited when you respond to my posts. That's all I can say. ~Mistress Michaelis~

You. Are. Awesome. What else is there to say? ~Christine

So, I was going to say the exact same thing about the great taste in music. :P You're really awesome, kind and a great friend. ~Amy

Ivy, you're amazing and have been a great help in the past few weeks with your lyrics :P. I don't know what I would do without you. ~Kazey

Ivy, I don't know what I'd do with out you! You're such and awesome and amazing friend! You seriously are one of the nicest people ever, and I'm glad I met you! I love to talk to you, and I always have a great time doing it! Ekaterina buddies forever. XD ~eKat

You're awesome and... Cool. -Megan

Hiiiii, Ivy! I was so totally screaming about Sherlock XD ~Mistress Michaelis~

Icy, I really don't know what I can say, just because there's everything to say. You've always been a great friend to me, even if I haven't deserved it at all. I'm super sorry for all the times I've annoyed and/or angered you. Thanks for being patient with me. Melinyel, Ivy. --Clairio

Mistress Ashley/Kai Graymark/Herondale

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You are a great friend, someone who understands my rambles about robotics and amazing ~Priyanka

Fellow Divergent lover! ^_^ You are a great friend whom I feel I can be truthful with because you always understand. You are really nice (and can be!!) and you are just simple awesome. With a bit of sauce. :P ~Ivy

You have always been there for me and put up with my occasional annoyingness, but mot of all you are a SUPERSUNDAE with SUPERFROSTING friend. :D -Justin W. Copycat

ASHLEY!!!!!!!!! MISTRESS HERONDALE!!!!!! My awesome friend and fellow writer :D ~Mistress Michaelis~


So I finally posted a new chapter on my story. Which you saw... You're incredibly awesomesauce and you're a great friend and generally a great person! You're awesome. ~Amy

So, I've not posted on here because I haven't known what to say. There's so much to thank you for. But I'll just kinda do it overall. Thank you for everthing you've ever done for me (which, by the way, is a lot), and thank you for being who you are, and not someone else. ~Kazey

Ashley: You've always be so, so sweet! You have an influence on the Mb because of this that I never could hope or dream to acheive. You are so creative with great stories, ideas, and posts! You really are one of the MB all time greats! i'm so happy to have a friend like you! :) ~eKat

You're awesomepercy, epicsprinkles, coolsyrup, superfrosting and all those things. Also, my parabatai! How will I ever survive without you? We'll never forget you! Ψ Megan ψ :{] (the mustache wishes you the best of luck)

stay cool girlfrien'! Oh angel, what did I just say? But seriously, you deserve every star you have! I'm so proud of you. Keep this up! I can tell you'll be a major success when your older.-Christi shadowhunter

I love you, and I will love you until I die, and in the life after that, I'll still love you. ~Kathy

AHHHHHHH.  TOO MUCH APPRECIATION!!!!!!!!!1   ~Kai Graymark~ Itss never too much.

Ermagawd, I think I'm going to cry. o_o Ashley, thank you for changing my life and for unknowingly keeping me alive for like, nine months straight. I'm such an idiot, though, and I'm sorry for being a miserable friend. I really miss you, Fruit Loop. I can't even put into words how much you mean to me.... I love you, Ashley. I just... I love you. --Clairio

Mistress Nyla Michaelis(Pierce)

You are an amazing friend, kind and make awesome edits :)

My latest profile pic..... I call this River Moon. She has the looks of a character of mine.....


OMG SHERLOCK LOVER!!! Oh hello there. Who was that screaming? You are awesome and you contribute so much to the Wiki! You are so nice and I love talking about Sherlock and tons of other things with you. ~Ivy

  • hugs you*  Amazing.  You are amazing.  You're an epicsprinkles leader, and awesomesauce Mistress, and a coolysyrup friend.  I can't say thank you enough for all the things you've done for me in the past, even if you didn't realize you were doing it.  I wish I could do more to help you, and I will try. ~Kai Graymark~

Okay, here’s the deal: I am currently obsessed with this song called “Kagayaku Sora no Shijima in wa” by Kalafina (which is “The Stillness of the Sky” (roughly) in English), but if you look it up on Google and there is something that says “English dub”, CLICK ON THAT LINK. I WANT YOU TO HEAR AMANDA LEE’S VERSION OF MY FAVORITE SONG. . . Please? ~Mistress Michaelis, who is currently listening to her favorite song on repeat~

I don't really know you but... You're awesome. ~Christine

Well, I don't know you that well, but you're a really good writer and you're awesome. ~Amy

You are really supportive and encouraging. :D -Justin W. Copycat

Nyla, you're just plain awesome. You're really supportive to everyone and also really helpful, so thanks. ~Kazey

Every time I talk to you, I smile! You're really kind, and I'm glad we met! Thanks for everything! :) ~ eKat

MY TWINNNNN.... YOU'RE SO AWESOME. You and I love so many of the same things, I am, like, mind-blown. :P We think alike in many ways, and I am SO sorry that I hadn't met you long before. [cries] I love you forever, and I hope that Sebastian Michaelis will do the same. SEE YOU IN HELL, GIRLY. XD ~Kathy

You are... The head Piercer... Thus... My master... [bows] -Megan


Amy's Avatar

Amy's Avatar

You are an amazing friend and you have great taste in music. :P  But seriously, you are awesome and really kind. ~Ivy

AMY!  You are awesomejerky to it's fullest.  I think you're the only abandoned story author that listens to me when I tell you to update.  Amazing author amazing friend amazing person.  The three A's.  ~Kai Graymark~

Hiya MB bestie!!! You'll have to teach me what Britain's like and how to fake a British accent sometime... ~Christine

... But thanks, guys. This means a lot :)~Amy

You're really nice and are a great friend. You can always cheer someone up and make people's day everyday. :D -Justin W. Copycat

Ah, Amy. My MB-other-British-person-who-I-can-complain-about-the-weather-to! Thank you for being so kind to everybody.

You are really,really fun to talk to...plot world domination with...dig toture-um,holes with...and stab anti swifties with..and an amazing friend to talk to :) -Priyanka

Hello, there, Amy! I haven’t ever met you, but that changes right now. Pleased to make your wonderful acquaintance. ~Mistress Michaelis~

I still can't figure out if you or Christi threw the smoke bombs, but you like cliffs, so you are awesomepercy! No, seriously, you are. Also, nice and kind and all that. -Megan


We've talked only a few times,but you a kind and amazing person :) -Priyanka

Em, simply put, you are amazing. You always make me smile, and you help me through my problems (and everyone else's too :) ) ~Ivy

You are extremly easy to talk to, our conversations that carried on until 1 proove that.  My first impression of you will forever be that RP, and I have to say, I was a bit (okay, a LOT) scared of you. ~Kai Graymark~

Em, you're an awesomesauce person. You make me laugh and you're one of the nicest most sincere people I know. Stay cool!- Christi shadowhunter

I don't really know you, but you're AWESOMESAUCE!!! ~Christine

Well, I'd seen you around loads on the MB but hadn't spoken to you until I came on here, and I'm glad I did, because you're really awesome. ~Amy

You're really amazing and fun, and a GREAT artist. :D -Justin W. Copycat

Em: You seriously are the sweetest, kindest, awesomest, fun, person ever! You are always so happy and kind to everyone! I'm really glad to have an awesome friend like you! You're the best Ekat buddy anyone could ask for, and always show up to the Ekat meetings with out fail. You make me smile when you post, and I would die if you ever left! ~eKat

EM!!!! Hi, it’s me. Nyla. I think we’ve met :) ~Mistress Michaelis~

Em, you are so amazing. You're always nice and inspirational, and you bring a smile on everyone's faces. Love ya! ~Kathy

I dontt think we've ever had a full conversation, but from what I've seen, you're nice, sweet and EPIC. -Megan

Mistress Cali Bane

You are an amazing friend(even if you try to steal my cupcakes),funny and awesomesauce. ~Priyanka

THERE SHALL BE NO STEALING CUPCAKES!! Good. MY CANADA BUDDY!!! Yep. Had to do that. XD. You are a super friend! ~Ivy 

MISTRESS BANE!!!!!!!  You're awesome, you're a Mistress, and your love for glitter rivals even that of Magnus.  Stay sparkly my friend!  -Kai Graymark~

You're awesomesauce!!! ~Christine

I don't know you, but you're awesome :) ~Amy

You were one of my first actual friends on MediaLand. You supported me and joined by Cahill Award Council (which didn't work out XP) back in August. Thanks for being one of my best friends! -Justin W. Copycat

Cali: I always love to talk to you! It puts a smile on my face constantly. :) ~eKat

You're amazing and very very sexy ~Cali

(^ -_-[I SEE A RARE WHALE]) You're an awesome friend :D ~CHU~\

CALI. HAHA, THERE'S MY HOT HOT SEXY SEXY GLITTERY WARLOCK!! [cackles] Like I've said before, you and I work as a freaking TEAM, kicking everyone's butts and burning down the world. :D I love you so mucccchhh!!!! ~Kathy

Cali, the sexy sexy High Warlock of the MB... We argue sometimes (a lot) about Malec and Mali, but I like you! You're funny, smart, cool and awesome. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR MAGNUS' OLD 'FRIENDS'. -Megan



Christine's pic

You've been a great friend,always very modest,and truely crazy and random(take it as a compliment)  ~Kai Graymark~

CHRISTINE!!! MB BFF!!! You are absolutely completely awesome! And you're great at writing. It's great to know you. ~Amy

I don't really know you that well, but I know that your are epicsprinkles. And random question...did you go by Christine Lynch, Ross is mine! at one time? Just curious. :D

-Justin W. Copycat

We’ve already met. I love you and your personality already. That’s it. ~Mistress Michaelis~

You're Chinese. What more can I say? :) YOU ARE AWESOME AND A GENIUS. -Megan

Oz the Snowman

Well, I haven't even spoken to you yet, but I've seen you around the MB a lot, and you're awesome ~Amy


Frosty (the snowman!!!), its been an honor meeting you. NOW MELT! -Indestructible Me

You're awesome enough to survive chat with a bored Clair and I, so take that as an accomplishment. ~Kai Graymark~

O_O ~Cali (LYZZY!)

You too funny XD O_O ~CHU~
Hey Dad! xD I hope you come back soon so we can talk about the most random of subjects and all that :) ~Chu

Shall we talk? I have heard a lot of amazing things about you, so I thought I should meet you! :) ~Mistress Michaelis~

You have destroyed my mind. ~Kathy

The Ozzomesauce Paradoz! ~Chai

Oz, you're cool, and I love talking to you. :) -eKat


eKat is so very awesome!! She is one of the only MBers who are extremely, extremely nice and into MB Politics. Not only that, but she's fun and gets the awesomest avatars!!! :D Red Eyed Copycat (talk) 12:39, April 26, 2014 (UTC)

Well, I've barely ever spoken to you, but if I'm correct you like JacksGap which is awesome! You're also generally awesome. :P ~Amy

MY MB HISTORY TEACHER!!!  You are awesome, and a great source of information.  Sometimes I wonder how you're so nice all the time, and yet still into politics.  That's a first on my list.  You are very helpful, and smile. You're the smiley Poker.  :D  Smiley poker Smiley poker, MISTRESS BLACKTHORN IS AWESOME.  ~Kai Graymark~

I don't know you that well, but I'd love to get to know you! ~Christine

I don't know how you manage to put different nice things to say about us, but that's what makes you awesomesauce! ~CHU~

Hiiii..... You know me, right? Because I know of you, and you’re already amazing to me. Well, ta-ta! Can’t wait to chat later! XD Nah, you’re just cool to be around. See ya around. ~Mistress Michaelis~


I don' know how you manage to stay positive, but you're really good at making others feel happy, and thanks for all the smiles. Have a great day! :) ~Chu

You're terrifyingly nice... 0.o I don't know if you're truly awesome or an even more awesome serial killer quietly planning all of our deaths... -Megan (Nope, not planning your death. You can be relieved. XD -eKat)(I wish you were, so you can join the serial killers' club. :{D)


I don't know you as well as some, but your love for violence is appreciated, greatly appreciatied.  Violence is always welcome here.  ~Kai Graymark~

YOU'RE OLD, LYSS. OLD. Kidding. But you are. Whatever. YOU'RE AN INTERESTING PERSON. :] -Megan

I haven't exactly spoken to you much at all, as far as I'm aware, but I know you're awesome. ~Amy

You are like the older sister I'll never have. It is literally our conversations that has kept me from killing myself so far. I love you. ~Sarah/Ruby/Anne

I don't know you that well, but I'd love to get to know you. ~Christine

lyss, we haven't talked much, but from what I've heard of you, you're an epic person- Christi shadowhunter

I'm surprised Oz hasn't posted here yet XD I learn so much from you, so keep it up! :D ~CHU~

Hiya! I’ve heard of you, but I don’t remember if we’ve met.... *thinks hard for a moment* *gives up* Anyway, glad to meet you! ~Mistress Michaelis~

You love words as much as I love books. And you're so informative and as ancient as Gavin. -Chai

Lyss, you're so funny and awesome. I love talking to you, because it always puts a smile on my face Thanks for being you! -eKat


MY PARABATAI, YOU ARE AWESOMEJERKY.  AWESOMEPERCY.  AWESOMESAUCE.  Whatever.  You are awesome and stubborn(but not as stubborn as me) and cool and amazing and I am running out of adjectives here!You're indescribable-there.  We're always arguing or bickering over some stupid topic, but I geuss that's the Will/Jem thing we have going on.   ~Kai Graymark~ (I am JEM)  (You are Will) (We are both Jem and Will.)

You're really crazy, and awesomepercy. :D ~Amy

You are crazy,awesomepercy and a great inspiration to beginner stalkers like me :D


the Ravener slaves will take over the world! Hey, Megan. We don't talk as much as we used to on the MB, but you and Kai were some of-and still are- some of the best friends i've had. You're funny and sweet, and a shadowhunter. (Bonus points for shadowhunters) see ya round the institute- Christi Shadowhuter (we talk a lot HERE now... :))

I know I've kicked you a bunch of times, Megan, but that was for scarring my mind forever. O_o Aaaanywaysss... I LOVE YOU!!! :D ~Kathy

Megan... You're insane (-ly awesome)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Christine

You're really funny, have a great sense of humor, and love Percy Jackson which we can totally both agree on! Thanks for being your insanely awesome self! -eKat

Anne (Ruby, whatever)

  • hugs you*  Anne, you are amazing.  I love you girlie.  You're nice and wonderful and awesome, and you deserve so much more than anything I can help you with.  You deserve life, you deserve better friends that me.  You deserve so much Anne.  Thank you for being you.  *hugs you again* ~Kai Graymark~

Well, I don't think I've actually spoken to you, but you're really awesome and wonderful..~Amy

Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou ~Elaia

You're an amazing person and author. Never give up, Anne. Remember how much we love you, and know that God only creates perfect things. You are awesome. Always remember that~Ariana

Though I've talked to you only once or twice,you are an awesomesauce person :)  -Priyanka

we have super close birthdays, which means by defualt, YOU ARE AMAZINGSHADOWHUNTER. Even if, to the bestof my knowledge, you are a mundane. Hope you have fun at your camp- Christi shadowhuter

Oy, my fellow Lyzzy! :D ~CHU~
........melinyel. *eternal huggles and glomps* ~Chu


You are an epic person. I have a butterfly named after you! Please note that I will die of sadness if you do something that starts with an s and ends with ide. -Megan

You're awesome, and that'll never change. ~Christine


I've seen you around, and you're really sweet and funny and kind, the MB and this Wiki are lucky to have someone like you.~Kai Graymark~

HI! You're really nice. And adorable. And sweet. AND ADORABLE. And awesome. AND ADORABLE. (And older than me...) -Megan

You're really kind, caring and sweet. Completely and utterly awesome. ~Amy

You really are waaayy too lazy... You never even brought a good cheesecake to that HC meeting.... XP But You're forgiven, I suppose, if you make me another.. XD -Ariana (Ariana, did you put this in the wrong section? Uh...) (Nope... I'm talking to myself... XD My lazy side needs to not be so lazy... XD -Ariana) (You are very weird indeed. I LIKE YOU)(:D Thanks!! XD)(once upon a very dark time, I considered being weird as bad, but now itss all changed and weird is good!) (Being weird is very good! "Normal" is too boring... XD)(Agreed. Though, weird is sometimes considered as the new normal.)

You are kind and awesoooome.Which makes you ultra awesome :) I'm glad to have friend like you :D -Priyanka

we don't talk much, but I would love to get to know you-Christi shadowhunter

:D (I suck at words, so... yeah XD) ~CHU~

You are a sweet, amazing, beautiful person. You have never said a single unkind thing to me and have been nothing but perfect. You are the most selfless person I have ever met. I love you. ~Anne~


I don't really know you,but you're awesome :D -Priyanka

YOU'RE NICE AND I LOVE YOU MORE. Also, you are a bird. -Megan

You're really kind and you're a great writer. :) ~Amy

You're always super nice, and I hope I can talk to you more soon! -Ariana

Elaia, you are awesome.  Truely awesome.  You're always there, even if people don't know it.  You're ready to step in when someone needs help, and know right when to speak up.  Thank you, for everything.  ~Kai Graymark~

You are seriously so sweet and nice! Iloved getting to know you! We have the best conversations! -eKat

Christi Shadowhunter

.You're super cool and you're very funny! Thanks for being awesome! -Ariana (Thanks!)

We will strike down the Ravener slaves! I'm surprised you see me as one of the best friends you've had since you're so famous and all that stuff, but I'm not complaining! :] You're funnier, sweeter and an amazingly awesome Shadowhunter. Not to mention awesomepercy, epicsprinkles, coolsyrup, superfrosting... Your typos drive me crazy and I keep correcting them, so you know now who keeps doing those. I wish you the best in life! *salutes* EVEN THE ROMANTIC SIDE. -I'm pretty sure you can guess who. ( it Clary? JUST KIDDING :) i know it's you Megan.)(I'm not Megan! I'm Amy! ...nah, this is Megan. :])(:))(that was a short but complicated message)(the typos...*runs to page* sorry bout that. I type on my phone so I have a really small keypad.)(AHHH.. I find the typos endearing)(someone appreciates my typos!)(I'M SPECIAL.)(yes you are :))(But then, you have the as your middle name...)(my parents were hipstwr english teachers! Dont judge!)(AWESOME. Do they like TMI?)(actually I'm not allowed to read TMI. Or harry potter. Or twilight.)(By the Angel. That is horrible. Though, Twilight is stupid.)(yep. There like IT DOESNT AGREE WITH THE BIBLE. But techniquely theyre wong because nephilim are mentioned in the bible.)(Uh... I lost you.)(Nephilim (shadowhunters) are in the bible)(O...k... Edom is also mentioned in the Bible...)(the min of a conspiracy therost is kicking in.)(*kicks door open* KICKING IN, RIGHT?)(i see what you did yhere.)(Hehe... Let the doors die!)(death!)(Wait, is this Chris or Kathy? I'm guessing Christi...)

Christiiine, you're so funny, awesome, and you must be the most brilliant Shadowhunter ever. :D ~Kathy (this is true :D)

You're really funny and super kind and awesome. ~Amy(thank you!)

CHRISTI CHRISTI CHRISTI!!!!!!!  You are truely awesomesauce. You were the first person I EVER talked to on the MB.  You treated me like a person, not a clueless newbie.  You should've correct all the stupid and wrong things I did, but you didn't.  You're still an awesome friend and boss shadowhunter, so you're premanetly etched in the 'Awesomest people ever' book. ~Kai Graymark~

Chu K. Hill

I love talking to you, and you always make me smile or even laugh! Thanks for that! :) -Ariana

Appreciation To All

Chu's profile picture

You're awesomesauce, funny and truly like a Pikachu! -Chai.

First, your name is awesome. It sounds like a sneeze. (That is a good thing) Second, you're a cool person and I'm sorry for thinking you were a guy... -Megan

Chu, you're amazingly kind and funny. You're really, really awesome. ~Amy

I've seen you around, even though we've never really TALKED.  You seem awesome enough, and can handle this bunch, so, :P   ~Kai Graymark~


Chu............ My parabatai. Thank you for being one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world. Melinyel. <3 --Clairence

Mistress Sage Santiago

You're awesome! I haven't really talked to you much, but I hope to soon! -Ariana

Sage... Mistress Santiago... You are an epic mad hatter with a broken wheel pendant necklace. You're a solid guy I can rely on. *pats you on the head* GOOD LUCK WITH MARRYING RAPHAEL. Wait-- are you a vampire or a Shadowhunter?(I think she's a werewolf)(HOLY MOTHER OF WHALES THIS IS LIKE *SPOILERS* CAMILLE AND RALF SCOTT) -Megan

I haven't spoken to you much, but you're really awesome. ~Amy

Sage.  You are you, and no one could even try to impersonate you.  I always remember you having the broken wheel pendant in every RP EVER.  You're a werewolf, and a mistress, and you're just plain out awesome.  K'?   ~Kai Graymark~

Mistress Katherynn Recreaze-Vallia Morgenstern

Dark Angel

Kathy's Profile Picture

MISTRESS MORGENSTERN!!!!!! MY TWIN SISTER!!!!!!! Aaaannnnddddd, my awesome Queen of Hell XD I just wanted to appreciate everything you’ve ever done, and want you to know I love you forever and ever until the end of time when God judges us and throws us and our demonic Sebastians into the Lake of Fire and whatnot..... XD XD XD Anyway, if your Sebastian has been trying anything, I’ve got Heavenly Fire and Holy Water!!! :D But what I’m trying to say, I guess, is that you have become so important to me and I can’t imagine not being triplets with you and Korey. Can’t wait to chat with you and escape into Iridis (right?) with you from Sebastian again.... ~Mistress Michaelis~

KATHY. You're an unbelievably good friend, and truly an inspiration. You've kicked me so many times, but I still love you. :) May Sebastian love you forever! AND I LOVE YOU MORE. -Megan

you are epic Shadowhunter, even if you are in live with my sworn ebemy. You're a great shadowhunter, and not mean. See you round the institute- Christi

Kathy Kaitlyn, you're really awesome, kind, and supportive to all your friends, and you're really friendly. ~Amy (friendly? Haha...)

Kathy.  Kathy.  Kathy.  *shakes head*  YOU ARE AWESOMESAUCE.  We've been friends for a while, and I'm glad to say it.  You're boss enough to handle THAT *points at Sebastian*  and keep up with this crazy group.  You're awesome and awesome and awesome and awesome (can you tell I'm running out of adjectives at this point?)  Well, you are.  So don't even think about skipping a meal, or disforming an iratze. Because you are beautiful.  REALLY.  YOU LOOK LIKE A FREAKING HERONDALE. (ASH YOU'VE SEEN HER FACE?) Well, normal ones.  Not the angel enhanced ones that went golden.~Kai Graymark~

[This is just weird, how again am I a Herondale?] ~Kathy~ (I think ahe just migtt be hallucinating from the water in Lake Lyn...)[That's probably true](*strikes pose*)[or maybe she had some faerie drugs...]

Oh my gosh Kathy! Just found this! Love you to the end of the world and back! :) Not sure how else to put that. I could go on and on and on. But let's leave it at you're awesome. So thank you. -eKat

Korey Pierce

KOREY KOREY KOREY KOREYYYYYY!!!!!!!  You are *insert a whole lot of wonderful adjectives here* !!!  I love you, you are awesome, end of discussion.  You're gorgeous and beatiful and amazing, don't let people tell you otherwise.  People like that *insert string of cussing here* last night are blind, and I want to kill them for it.  Remember that I'm akways here for you. ~Kai Graymark~

KOREYYY MY TRIPLET... I LOVE YOU TO DEATHHHH. Don't you dare listen to what other people say. I'll kill them when they meet me in hell. O_O [tackle hugs] I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!! ~Kathy~

You seem nice... and awesome... -Megan