Brought to you by Justin W. Copycat, Ashley Easton, Mistress Morgenstern, and Priyanka, your local administrators.

Even though you can be as crazy and insane as you want in The Chatroom, we must have rules in order to keep peace on the wiki.


Profanity can only be used in The Chatroom if the users are comfortable with it being used. It is the responsibility of the user to tell any chat mod or higher ranking user in chat of their dislike of profanity and what they consider profainity. It is then the chat mod's or higher ranking user's responsibility to spread the message along.


You can NOT insult people in The Chatroom, criticize, insult, or curse at them, unless it's something that the other users know is a joke. If you wish to vent any problems, please PM(Private Message) a person with chat mod or higher status.


You MUST be appropriate in The Chatroom. There will be no gross comments or actions either. I'm looking at you Truth or Dare people. Please, we are a community who wish to ignore that kind of thing. If you are caught talking about this in main chat, or someone you are PMing reports this to a chat mod user or higher, you will be kicked. After so many times, you will be banned as the chat mod or higher user sees fit.


Spamming is not tolerated in The Chatroom at all. The chat mod or higher user will warn you only once, next is a kick. After so many kicks is a ban. If you continue to do this after your ban has ended, you will be banned for a longer period of time.