Clair is a random hobbit that may or may not live on Pluto. She hates traffic and she may or may not be Santa.

MB-Related Facts:

  • Joined the MB on April 16th, 2013
    • (she's two o_o)
  • Currently has 102 pages of posts
  • Was the 30th Agent of the Week
  • Has way too many stars
  • Has copycatted four people
  • Has all 39 Clues
  • Is an official Madrigal
  • Is part of the Ekaterina branch
  • Was on the Madrigal Council
  • Was on the Ekaterina Council
  • Merged her account on 11/3/13
    • (that was a good day, by the way)
  • 321 people have added her card
  • Has 25 other agents' cards, including


Coming soon to theaters near you.

Chips o_o

Clair has a lot of ships. If you know her, then you should know of most of them and you won't need a whole section in an article to know.

Chips and ships are tasty, precious.