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"What are you doing, Elaia?" "Oh, nothing, just off to colonize America."

39 clues MBer Elaia (sparklyturquoise11) who often goes by the last name Mitzerotzi, is a 13-year-old girl who spends hours doing semi useless things on the computer or sleeping.  RN: Tyler (at least that what I got from her sig about the initials of the sentences spelling her real name)


Miss Elaia, whom we will adress as 'the Princess' from now on, has almost waist length brown hair that ombres from light brown, almost blond, at the bottom to darker brown at the top. It is very cool and people are always asking her if she dip-dyes it, which she does not.

Her eyes are a blueish-greenish-grayish, like the color of a blueish-greenish-grayish thing. She also wears glasses, although she may switch to contacts soon. Her glasses are very pretty though and she feels strange in contacts.

The Princess is about 5'3" and is still growing. She is very beautiful and sweet and kind and also extremely modest! She is so modest that she never even says she's modest, because that would be immodest.

On the MB

Elaia first posted on May 17, 2013, on Nour's Eragon RP at the urging of her sister. The second thread she posted on was a Lucian Academy RP on July 11, 2013. She has been active since then.

The Princess posted her first story on the MB, Legends of Linde, in November 2013 and has gotten some great feedback. She posted another story, a Camp Half-Blood story, recently and has gotten still great feedback. She is obviously just an amazing writer all around. 

Elaia has many friends on the MB, such as Safire, Clair, Anne, Amethyst, Nikki, Kazey (also known as Formerly Silent Reader), Justin, and many others. She doesn't post a lot, but is still moderately well-known.

She has joined many RPs and has even started a few of her own, most notable being her Mermaid RP, a Supernatural School, and a Worlds Collide RP. She recently restarted the Mermaid RP after a slight death.

Elaia loves talking to people, and especially loves getting feedback on her story. It is not very well known, but has a small fanbase of what she refers to as 'Linders' in her head.  Anne, one of the Princess's best friends whom she loves a lot (really I do xoxoxoxo to Anne), has shipped her with two people; M@tt and Kazey. Neither of these are mentioned by anyone but Anne, although her habit of constantly bringing them up makes the Princess love her even more. 


Elaia is shipped with Matt by Ruby, called either Elaiatt or Mattaia.


The Princess will let one of her friends do this. Clair, Anne? Want to help me?

The Princess has nothing more to say. Please remember that this article was written from an unbiased point of view so obviously everything about how beautiful/kind/modest she is is completely true and not just being said because it was written by her. 

 So obviously, she is unbiased.