Important: Senselessness is a state of incomprehensible and often illogical activity. It is not uncommon to find it lying about on the Scholastic message boards or related wikis. Caution should be taken when handling or associating with it, due to its unstable nature. (By the angel, Oz, HELP ME TAKE THE INFOBOX OR WHATEVER OFF) (DUDE, HOW DID IT EVEN GET THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!) (What infobox are you guys talking about?? XD) (ARIANA HATH COMMITTED THIS HEINOUS CRIME!!!)(I CLICKED INSERT THEN TEMPLATE AND INFOBOX THEN IT APPEARED AND I COULDN'T CHANGE IT)(AND JUSTIN NAMED THIS THREAD AS AMATEUR TEMPLATE ENGINEERING PAGE. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN)  (I AM STILL UNSURE OF THE HEINOUS CRIME I HATH COMMITTED...) (O_O O_O O_O)(WHAT IS THIS ABOUT HEINOUS CRIMES?)(I DON'T KNOW.... OZ (I think) HATH ACCUSED ME OF COMMITTING THE HEINOUS CRIME..XD)(I THINK HE THOUGHT YOU DID THE INFOBOX THING WHEN IT WAS ME @0@) [WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY.] {WAIT. WHAT IS GOING ON. O_O} (PARTYYYYYYYY!)(WHO SAID THE LAST TWO ONES? PARTY PARTY YEAH YEAH BTW THIS IS MEGAN)(You have a problem with the info boxes?  I can take them out.) (By all means do so! We'll pay you in (Not necessary.)(BY THE ANGEL KAZEY YOU ARE MAGICAL) (Tis not Kazey who changed it.) (Then who the bloomin' blighters was it?)  (Why would I grace you with that knowledge?) (Ashley, you are not mysterious at all)(Thank you for being smart enough to look at wiki activity and see that it was me.) (TYPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) (Last time so, someone edited it after you did, so I didn't see. But this conversation is really long. HA) [O_O] (9_9) (Anyone one for poffertjes? Or scones?) Wow. (Yes, myself. WOW, COZ.) (*remains silent*) (Anne? Why are you silent? Are you sick?) (That wasn't her, little weirdo. It was me. -_-) (Coz...?) (I still don't know who you are! Oz edited it!) (Guys, everyone just calm down. All you need to know is translated thusly: Oz is totally awesome. Then woot > WOOT!)(Snowman is strange)(One of his many accentuating assets) (Weird is good, strange is bad.)(What about queer?)(That's a very good question that I will not answer to.)(Good, or you'll have fifty organizations on your arse. O_O) (Queer is strange. Now. Where are the fifty organizations on my arse?)(Wait, no. I think it's just me literally on your arse. My bad) (My arse is nonexistent as ever. It's not possible.)(Are you sure? *inspects your arse thoroughly*) (Whales don't have arses.)(Oh. O_O Would you like an arse?) (No. They always get in the way.)(True, but they attract loads of guys.)(Guys like butts.) (WHALES HAVE NO GENDERS. And guys are stupid.) What just happened? (Good question O_O_O_O_O_O_O) Whatever. Ignore. Or better still, read on. But only if you dare...  theworddarehasbeenrippedoutofeveryonesbrain. whyareyoustillusingit? DARE DARE DARE

You must channel your inner consciousness. Breath.... BREATH..... BREAAAAAAAAAAAATH.


Now, utilizing your remarkable sense of balance, stand on one foot, spread your arms, and pretend you're standing on a wire, over the grand canyon, after an apocalyptic earthquake ripped several more grand canyons below it, lava now fills the massive groove in the terrain, and a hurricane is fast approaching.

Next, calm yourself. If this doesn't work, which it certainly won't, because the cable company just arrived with a contingent of REPO soldiers, demanding back your cable box, jump.

This will fix everything. However, remember to slip on The One Ring before you go! (Or not. Especially if you're the suicidal type.)

And maybe bring Gollum with you in a backpack, just for the sake of continuity.


Gollum's death

Success! You are at peace.


PIKACHU. IS. CUTER. (Randomly, Eliza's cousin was wearing a Pikachu shirt to the dance last night. I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE WEARING JEANS... XD)(So Eliza is your friend? For some reason, I always thought she was your sister... :8 ANYWAY. PIKACHU ONESIES!!!) (She's dearest Peter's sister. Pikachu is scary.)(OHHHH. So... *rubs hands* Pikachu is adorable as... As... As Pikachu!)(Squirtle is better)(Nah. Look at the Pikachu picture in this article. JUST LOOK AT IT. CAN YOU FEEL YOUR EYES MELTING FROM THE ADORABLENESS?)(I feel like he's going to run after me and start poking me with the lollipop stick)(*weeps* You all are evil...) (Evil is a matter of perspective. -Chai)(THEY ARE. SO. EVIL.) (Evil isn't born, it's made. And Lyss would totally win against any good guys or bad guys cause she's the most intelligent of them all.)(Lyss should be the villain in Doublecross.) (I love Pokemon! :D :D :D / Lyss is the villain in my story :P / Pikachu is actually my [fake] namesake! :D )(Yeah Iknow about Lyss we planned it in about 5 minutes! PIKA-CHUUUU) {Surrender to the Lord of the Books! I am supreme!}(IMPOSTER! SEIZE HIM! *Chai dies*)(Lord of the Books? O_O)(I know right? So naive.){*gets restored* With the power of the One Book, I shall rule all!} (I am super confused right now.......)