Message Board Ships

There have been several Message Board Ships, mostly invented for fun, but are usually more annoying than anything. Most of these have been created by Kathy, the matchmaker of the MB[the Master Shipper], though some have also been created by Justin, Nikki, James, and other crazy MBers, though the craziest was not quite involved in creating ships.

  • Ashley and Justin (Jashley) [by ???]
  • Clair and Peter (Pair) [by Nikki]
  • Clair and Justin (Custin) [by James]
  • Clair and James (Untitled) [Justin]
  • Clair and Gavin (Untitled) [Justin]
  • Clair and Kazey (Kalair) [Justin]
  • Clair and Ozzy (Coz) [by Kris]
  • Matt Wiz and Nikki (Matki) [by Clair]
  • Kathy and Montego (Kathego) [by James, Amber, others]
  • Kathy and Nathaniel (Kathaniel) [by Katherine]
  • Kathy and Pedro (Kadro) [by Justin, MBers]
  • Kathy and Joe (Joethy) [by James and others]
  • Kathy and Red (Redthy) [by insane MBers]
  • Kathy and James (Jathy/Kames) [by Amber]
  • Kathy and Jason (Kason/Jathy) [James and others]
  • Megan and James (Jagan) [Ashley] (failed epicly)