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Some attributes
First The Boy on Fire Who Lived
Second Analyzingwizard7
Third Capitalcelebrating1
Other attributes

Fourth He also enjoys making his mustache suffer.

He also enjoys fanboy-ing. He also got hijacked by Chuuuuu >:D

Fourth The Boy on Fire Who Lived

The Boy on Fire Who Lived, aka Chai, who is also known in the Madrigal database as Analyzingwizard7, is the King of the 39 Clues Fandom. He claimed this title in May 2014 and got coronated in June. He is, as of February 2014, 18 years old. He joined the Fandom on 23rd January 2010, but had read The Maze of Bones, discovering the series on 8th December 2009. He will now let other fandom members and fellow Wikians post what they think about him. Go ahead!

He has a bloody mustache! :{]> And bloody hair! AND IS A BLOODY FANBOY.

His Alter ego is Cley Rosenbloom Pierce, who is suspected to be the notorious Jake Rosenbloom. Cley is also the Deputy Chairperson of Founders Media and a huge villain in his own right.

AJT reply
He is an Amian shipper, although he was Evamy till Evan's death. (Jake is a horrible jerk!) (He is indeed!)(HE SHALL DIEEEEEEEE!)Capitalcelebrating1 (talk) 08:23, September 6, 2014 (UTC)the King BLAHHH dude what the heck did you edit?

He shares his birthday with:

A Pope, an international singer and her Barcelona player boyfriend, The 39 Clues: The Clue Hunt #7: The Viper's Nest, a Star Trek actor, and many other unknown people. 

He likes

Soccer ie, football. He is a fan of Real Madrid Club de Futbol, Chelsea Fo
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otball Club, and the team of his city.

And songs: 

  • We Remain by Christiana Aguilera (please learn to spell)
  • Who we are
  • Devil May Cry
  • Outside by Ellie Goulding & Calvin Harris

PS: These 3 songs are part of the Catching Fire soundtrack. 

European Champions 2012


He is also contemplating to be a part of the shippers of the worlds most famous fanship, if he wasn't scared about Lyss' and Oz's retaliation. But youree the best man!@0@0@ YOU HAVE A FLAT FACE. 

disembodied not disenchanted 

He is now a loyal Lyzzy and Ruthlyss shipper. And CARIAN! And JacqueLyss! :D Jacque? Jacques , actually. What? What, what? Whatss Jacques?


Cley Rosenbloom Pierce is his alter ego. Tall, immortal@17, with red hair and red eyes, he's the new head of Founders Media.

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