Please, when you are posting or editing on the wiki, refrain from swearing or cursing. There are some Wikians who are not okay with cursing, and we have no way to prevent them from seeing this. Cursing in chat is allowed unless someone uncomfortable with swearing is present, then it is not permitted. You will be given one or two verbal warnings for this, and then you'll be kicked.


When you are posting on this wiki, do not mention anything inappropriate, to any extent. Some of us do not wish to see this. When this happens, the comment will be removed and an Admin or B-Crat will contact you via message wall to inform you of this action. A warning will be given, and many warnings will result in a ban from the wiki.


The Admins and B-Crats of this wiki do not take insults to other users lightly. Any insults to other users will be removed and you will be informed of this, for we are a very close family here. If you insult any of us, you insult us all. This goes for if you are inside the family, or visiting from another wiki. Either way, insulting other users is not permitted, unless of course, the insulting is light-hearted.


Some of the users here have their own ways, and will be offended if you do certain things. If you would like to not be killed, I suggest you follow these guidelines:

- Don't bash characters or ships or books or anything of the sort in front of the fangirl/fanboy.

- Some people here will start ranting in chat. Stay calm until the rant has past.

- Some people have drawn grudges against each other. Don't bring that up.

- If you take other user's things, be prepared for a fight.

More rules may be added at any time. If you want any rules to be added, or if you have a problem with these rules, please contact Ashley or Rynn.